Zygocactus are flowering across Australia

Posted by T Brindley on

It's Zygo time again. Zygocactus also known as Schlumbergera in Australia and Holiday Cactus, Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus in the northern hemisphere where they flower towards Christmas are budding and flowering in Australia now.

This image is a cluster of a variety known as Christmas Fantasy and was released in Australia around 1991 and in 1986 in the USA. This cluster is part of a larger hanging basket over 1m across and is several years old.

Christmas Fantasy is a semi upright growing variety making it suitable for both baskets and pots. This variety produces a beautiful display of light salmon coloured flowers over a few weeks. 

Zygocactus Christmas Fantasy was bred by BL Cobia out of Florida USA who also bred the first yellow known as Gold Charm and the first frilly flower known as Aspen.

More information can be found in our new eBook Growing Zygocactus written by Australian Zygocactus expert Tony Brindley.



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