Clydesdale horses the tractors of yesteryear

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Clydesdale horses

The Clydesdale horse breed has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the early 19th century in Scotland. The breed was created by crossing heavy horses from England with Flemish stallions to create a new type of draft horse that was strong, fast, and able to pull heavier loads and plows compared to their predecessors. The Clydesdales quickly became popular for their strength, agility, and even temperament. Today, these beautiful horses are still used for pulling heavy loads and competing in shows all over the world.

They were used to pull ploughs and other agricultural equipment, replacing manual labor and making farming more efficient. This allowed farmers to produce more food with fewer resources and changed the way farming practices were carried out forever.

The introduction of tractors in the 20th century eventually replaced horses for many agricultural tasks, but it was the Clydesdales that first revolutionized farming practices in the UK and around the world.

The breeders of this majestic horse also founded the Clydesdale Horse Society in 1877 to promote their use and welfare. 

In Australia if you are interested in these amazing animals there is a Clydesdale Spectacular event this June 2023 at Boonah Queensland that may capture your imagination.

The Clydesdale horse bred is found all over the world and my family utilized up to 17 teams of Clydesdales to deliver hogs (kegs) of ale around Melbourne in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Australian larrikin artist Peter Hill has painted a whole series of Clydesdales which Cloud Publishing has the exclusive rights to reproduce. These prints and greeting cards capture the powerful and gentle nature of the Clydesdale bred.

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