Red Green Blue Gold Dark Australian Opal Gemstone 0.90cts.

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Multi colour dark Australian Opal

This Australian Opal is a very beautiful combination of pastel colours including red, blue, green and gold together with turquoise, mauve and colours in between.

The opal is from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia, the home of the famous "black opal". This opal has a dark background layer of "potch" (opal that is colourless eg black, grey and white) on the back with two small sand patches. This is not a doublet. It is a solid stone.

When the stone is moved around the pastel colours inter mingle and change. A very nice visual effect.


The overall maximum approximate dimensions are weight 0.48cts; length 7.05mm; width 5.8mm; thickness 1.83mm. The opal has been photographed with a US 1 cent coin for size comparison purposes only. It is the same size as an Australian 5 cent coin.

This would make a nice feature stone in a ring or a small pendant.

If you are looking for beautiful and quality Australian opal from an experienced cutter please browse my shop or contact me.