Red Gold Green Mauve Vibrant Light Australian Opal Sterling Silver Pendant & cord

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Red multi colour silver pendant

A vibrant Australian multi coloured Red Gold Green Mauve colours interspersed in light grey opal potch. The opal has been cut into a freeform teardrop shape to maximise the colour in the opal. 

Opal is notoriously difficult to capture its brilliance and this opal is no exception. The colours are truly more vivid pastel shades than captured by the camera lens. This opal will not disappoint. 

The colours change as the opal is moved. A soft pastel red is the predominant colour in this opal pendant. It has been set into a sterling silver bezel set frame with an underrail to support the back of the opal leaving the setting open at the back.

This opal has been mined at Lightning Ridge NSW the home of the world famous Black Opal and was purchased as part of a parcel of rough (uncut rough stones) direct from the miner and later cut into this finished opal. 


This is a genuine solid light grey Australian Lightning Ridge opal. Overall maximum opal dimensions are: 

Opal weight 2.90cts 

Pendant & opal weight 10.7cts or 2.13gms 

Bezel setting length 14.5mm 

Bezel setting width 9.8mm 

Bezel setting thickness with opal 3.4mm 

Bail & Pendant length 26.15mm 

 A 45cm PVC cord is complimentary with this pendant for a more casual look or you can dress it up with one of your own sterling silver chains or cords.

Handcut and handmade in our creative studio on the Coffs Coast of NSW Australia.

A beautiful genuine Australian opal for that someone special or perhaps just spoil yourself.