RED BLACK OPAL set in a 14K Gold Pendant Free Shipping & Tracking. Natural solid Black Opal from Lightning Ridge Australia

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Red black opal

Red Black Opal from Australia's Lightning Ridge. This is a genuine Red Black Opal. It is a solid opal, natural and untreated. Genuine in all respects.

Red opal on black potch is found at Lightning Ridge in NSW Australia. It is elusive to find in the field and is relatively uncommon. Red Black opal is highly prized and is amongst the most valuable of the opal colours. There is a thin red colour bar sitting on top of black potch opal. 

The opal has been cut to maximise the red into this freeform elongated shape. Because the red colour bar is thin it shows as vivid red when looking at it from directly front on, from the top down, bottom up and from each side as shown in the photographs. However as the angle flattens out to the horizontal the red colour bar changes into lighter red flecks with some orange and then fades into green and red flecks as shown in one photograph. At some angles the colour lightens out. 

Colour will vary between computer monitors and the colour intensity will also vary under different indoor and outdoor situations. These photographs were taken under halogen lighting. The opal has been set into a 14K gold pendant with a solid gold back. 


 Overall maximum dimensions are: 

- Weight: Red Black Opal only 0.91cts 

- Weight Opal and Gold Pendant: 6.81 cts or 1.36 gms

 - Overall length top of bail to bottom of Pendant: 21.5mm 

- Opal Bezel set length: 12mm 

- Opal Bezel set width: 5.85mm 

- Opal Bezel set height or thickness: 2.95mm 

To give you a better overview of the size of the opal pendant I have photographed it against a US 1 cent coin for comparison purposes only. A 14K gold filled chain was also used in the photography and is complimentary. 

This is a very beautiful red black freeform opal pendant. It is elegant and a statement piece. A beautiful gift for that someone special or just yourself.