Rainbow Crystal Opal from Cooper Pedy Australia 0.92cts

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Rainbow crystal opal

A beautiful rainbow coloured crystal opal from the Cooper Pedy opal fields of South Australia.

Although called crystal opal it is not really a crystal in the sense of say a Quartz crystal. In opal terms crystal refers to opal that is translucent which means you can see through it. This Cooper Pedy crystal opal has red, oranges, mauve, green and colour combinations in between. Good colors as the opal is moved around. This will make a colourful feature stone in a ring or pendant with or without other accent stones.

The photographs have been taken from various angles to show you the pay of colour as the opal is moved around. You can clearly see the range of colours and they go through the opal at angles and the various colours displayed on the back. On a darker background the colour will appear darker. This opal is a clear gem as the colour holds well on light coloured backgrounds unlike some other international crystal opal.


Approximate maximum overall dimensions are:

Weight 0.92cts
Length on longest side 10mm
Width 6mm from point to longest side
Thickness 3mm

The back of the opal is flat with two small sand spots. For comparison purposes the opal has been photographed on a US 1 cent coin which is similar in size to an Australian 5 cent coin. You can clearly see the coin through the crystal opal with its range of colours.

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