Lightning Ridge Dark Crystal Multi coloured 0.32ct Opal from Lightning Ridge Australia. FREE Shipping and Tracking

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Dark crystal Australian Opal

A multi coloured dark crystal opal with touches of red, orange, green, gold, blue and shades in between from Lighting Ridge Australia. 

This is a 0.32ct opal freeform cut into a pointed oval or marquise style cut. The colour goes right through the opal and you can even see through it if you hold it to the light. Take a look at the columns on the surface of the coin under the opal You can clearly make them out, but look at the colour. This is the colour when light is reflected back out and not through the stone. There is a small pit of sand on the bottom of the stone but does not detract. Great colour and orientation from all angles. The colour simply shifts and mingles as the stone is moved around as seen in the photographs. 

Overall Dimensions

Maximum overall approximate measurements are: weight 0.32ct; length 7.93mm; width 3.95mm; height 1.8mm. The opal has been photographed with  a US 1 cent coin for comparison purposes. The coin is the same size as an Australian 5 cent coin. 

A great feature stone for a ring. Imagine the opal running length way on your finger with say 2 diamonds either side, or rubies or emerald's or any stone that takes your fancy. You are only stopped by your imagination.

Should you require any information concerning any of my opal please converse with me.