Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal red green blue 0.74ct cabochon oval gemstone from Australia

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Rainbow crystal opal

Australian Lightning Ridge Black crystal opal red green blue freeform oval.

Lightning Ridge is home to the famous Black opal and this black crystal is simply stunning in colour. Great color from all angles with some showing more red than other angles as seen in the various images.

Crystal opal means that you can see through it. It is not a crystal like say quartz. You can even see teh colour on the back as seen in one of the photographs.

Hand cut and polished in our studio from a parcel of genuine Australian Lightning Ridge opal.


Overall approximate maximum dimensions are:

Size: 8mm x 6mm x 2mm
Weight: 0.74ct
Medium dome
Solid opal with colour all the way through

A beautiful feature opal for your jewelry piece offset with or without other gemstones.