Growing Zygocactus (eBook) by Australian expert Tony Brindley

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Learn all about Growing Zygocactus, also known as Christmas Cactus by Australian expert Tony Brindley. This pdf eBook is packed full of 244 colour photographs over 54 pages with tips on growing and flowering these beautiful colourful rainforest plants.

Be inspired by many stunning exclusive photographs of 44 different Australian, USA and European varieties flowered at the same time in Australia. Features help on identifying significant distinguishing features on each of the 44 varieties listed. Beautiful large flowering baskets and pots will inspire you to to grow your own living masterpieces. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Growing Zygocactus e-book.

Received promptly after payment. Great book with good explanations on the various colours available and sizes of the flowers.

allan pohlman

Very well set out, but I still can't work what plant is what due to too many variations in colour, apart from that love the book

Helen Barker

Growing Zygocactus (eBook) by Australian expert Tony Brindley

Annabelle Reid

Growing Zygocactus (eBook) by Australian expert Tony Brindley

Glenn Woof

This book was just what I was looking for. The information is wonderful