Green Crystal Australian Opal freeform 0.5ct gemstone

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Australian crystal opal

Australian dark crystal opal from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia.

Notice in the photographs how you can see through the opal and how its colour darkens when it is placed on a surface so the light can not go through the bottom of the opal but only the sides. The colour varies as the opal is turned around.

This green crystal dark opal has been cut into freeform shape to maximise the colour and size of the stone. It can be used as a feature stone in a ring or pendant combined with other accent stones or in turn used as an accent stone with other gemstones.


While called crystal opal it is not really a crystal at all. In opal terms when light goes through an opal it is termed "crystal opal".


Overall maximum approximate measurements are: weight 0.1gms or 0.5cts; length 9mm; width 4.3mm; height 2.45mm. The opal has been photographed with a US 1 cent coin for comparison purposes.

Should you require any further information about this or any other opal please converse with me. I have been cutting opal for over 10 years.