Green blue black opal oval cabochon 2.66cts from Lightning Ridge

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Green blue black opal

Stunning green blue black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia, the home of the famous black opal.

Colour from all angles from intense greens and blues to subdued hues. There is also a touch of turquoise and mauve as the opal is moved around. This beautiful opal has been cut from opal rough direct from the miner and fashioned into this decent sized black opal cabochon.

On the back of the opal there are a couple of sand spots and a different colour bar of lime greens with a hint of orange and blues. While it is possible to cut the sand spots out and have a double sided black opal we would have ended up with a much smaller stone. As a cutter I have decided the go for the larger green blue black opal.


Stone Black Opal
Place  of Origin Lightning Ridge Australia
Type Solid natural oval cabochon
Weight 2.66cts
Length 12.92mm
Width 10.4mm
Thickness (maximum) 3.05

Overall maximum dimensions are approximate.


For comparison purposes only the black opal has been photographed against a US one cent coin which is a similar size to a 5 cent Australian coin.

This beautiful Australian black opal is a freeform broad oval cabochon. It will make either a nice feature stone in a ring or pendant and can be accentuated with other gemstones if desired, although the opal speaks for itself.

Genuine, natural, solid Australian black opal in all respects.