Electric blue black opal large specimen

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Large electric blue black opal

Large round electric blue black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia. 

Good colour from all directions as the black opal is moved around. The pattern changes with the movement. The mauve captured in the photos is an optical illusion caused by the camera as it is not visible to the naked eye. 

I have cut this large electric blue black opal from a large piece of opal potch that only had sporadic blue color showing. It also had some sand patches which I have dremelled out creating an undulating surface on the front. There is one very small sand spot on the front that I have left as it does not detract. The back also shows places where the sand was cut out. Now this is a very large colorful black opal. 

It is approximately 28mm round (27.86 - 28.25) and up to 6mm thick. It weighs approximately 29.22 cts. 

What a feature stone this will make in either a very large ring or pendant. It can be designed with smaller accent stones and would look great in a white gold setting. 

 A statement black opal to turn heads whenever you walk into a room. Of course it would make a memorable gift for that someone special.