DARK OPAL Red with touches of Mauve, Green & Gold Sterling Silver Pendant 8mm x 6mm with Sterling Silver Chain.

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Red opal silver pendant necklace

Here is an interesting Red Opal on dark grey opal potch with touches of mauve, green and gold opal. 

The multi colours come into play as the opal pendant is moved around creating some vibrant colour plays. 

This Red dark opal has been mined at Lightning Ridge NSW Australia, the home of the famous black opal. 


Overall maximum dimensions are: 

 Weight 0.52cts for opal only; 

opal length 8mm; opal width 5.65mm; 

opal height 1.6mm,

 sterling silver basket pendant 8mm x 6mm. 

This red multicolour opal pendant comes with a 45cm sterling silver chain ready to wear. 

 C #103