Dark Opal crystal Green with hint of mauve 0.85ct freeform oval Opal 8.43mm x 5mm x 3.1mm from Lightning Ridge

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Green dark crystal opal

Dark Opal crystal Green with hint of mauve. Weighs 0.85ct is a freeform oval shape 8.43mm x 5mm x 3.1mm from Lightning Ridge, Australia. 

A lovely vibrant green crystal dark opal with a touch of mauve on dark grey opal potch. This stone has colour from all angles with different colour combinations as the opal is moved around. There are two layers of green opal with one layer right on the bottom. 

The top green mauve is partially separated from the bottom green colour bar by a part layer of dark grey opal. It was decided to cut the opal into one larger stone rather than two smaller opals. This crystal opal was mined at Lightning Ridge NSW Australia and is a natural solid opal. It has not been enhanced.  

Overall approximate maximum dimensions are: Weight 0.85ct; length 8.43mm; width 5.0mm; height 3.10mm. 

This vibrant green opal will make either a nice feature stone in a ring or pendant with or without other accent stones. 

B #102