DARK LIGHTNING RIDGE OPAL Gold Green Blue Mauve 2.71ct Oval

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Gold green blue mauve dark opal

Dark Lightning Ridge opal Gold Green Blue Mauve in colour weighing 2.71ct. 

This is a beautiful dark Lightning Ridge Opal cut in an oval shape. It has brilliant moving tones of gold on a green mauve base. The colours change in intensity as the stone is moved around. It would make either an excellent ring or pendant on its own or set with some accent stones such as diamonds. It is of a reasonable size with a ct weight of 2.71 and is a feature stone. 

This stone was mined at Lightning Ridge NSW Australia the source of some of the best opal in the world. The opal is a nice sized oval shape with maximum dimensions of 10.93mm long x 8.65mm wide x 4.33 high. I have taken photographs from various angles so you can get a better idea of the moving colours.

Although colours vary between computer monitors you will not be disappointed in the rich and subdued colours of this opal. Condition as per photographs. For comparison purposes I have compared the opal to a US 1 cent piece which is the same size as an Australian 5 cent piece. The opal has also been photographed in a gemstone holder. Both the coin and holder are not included in the sale. 

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