Dark Crystal Opal Green Mauve Turquoise freeform oblong 0.71ct Australian Opal from Lightning Ridge. FREE Shipping and Tracking

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Australian dark crystal opal

This gemstone is a dark crystal opal from the Lightning Ridge NSW Australia opal fields. You can see right through crystal opal and this opal has rich green and subtle mauve and turquoise colours. 

One photograph shows the transparency in the opal while the others show colour orientations. Notice how when the opal is placed on a darker background such as the coin that the colour becomes more vivid. This is the magic of crystal opal as the light is reflected back out of the stone instead of passing right through. The crystal opal has been photographed against a US 1 cent coin for comparison purposes only. It is similar in size to an Australian 5 cent coin.


Overall maximum approximate measurements are: weight 0.71cts; length 12.25mm; width 4.25mm; height 1.96mm.

This dark crystal opal has been cut in this oblong like freeform shape and will make a very nice feature stone in a ring or pendant. It can be combined with other gemstones to enhance any setting if desired.