Coquina Jasper 30mm Sterling Silver solid back pendant and cord

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Coquina Jasper silver round pendant

Colorful and abstract design created by mother nature over many years. This Coquina Jasper was hand cut in our creative studio and set into a solid back 30mm sterling silver pendant.

Coquina Jasper also goes by the name of Cobra Jasper, Elephant Skin Jasper, Indian Script Stone, and Mariam Jasper. These are all fossilized shells that have been deposited by sediments along the Indian coast and compressed over time into Coquina Jasper.

This Coquina Jasper sterling silver pendant comes with a complimentary 62cm rubber cord with silver tone attachments (not sterling silver). Your pendant is colorful and can be dressed up or down with your favorite sterling silver chains or leather cords.

A beautiful fashion accessory for yourself or a beautiful gift for someone special.

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