Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Swing Bail large pendant with cord

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Boulder Opal sterling pendant

Boulder Opal green mauve sterling silver swing bail pendant with cord.

This unusual piece of boulder opal is from central Queensland Australia. The opal is interspersed between the ironstone matrix. Lovely matrix patterns of brown shades make this a very interesting piece.

The predominant color is green then purple. There is also some tiny specs of red as the pendant is moved around. The opal flickers and changes patterns as it is moved. I have cut this opal to maximise the color plays, drilled a hole and set a sterling silver swing bail to attach a cord or chain.

If you look closely you will see tiny dark lines. These are where the opal is located that lights up and dims as you move the opal pendant around.

Like all opal you need to protect it from sudden drops or knocks on hard surfaces.

This is a beautiful opal that can be dressed up or down with your favourite cord or chain. It also comes with a complimentary 60cm rubber cord with metal findings.


Approximate dimensions are:

Weight 18.3gms
Length top of bail to bottom of opal 60mm
Width 35mm
Thickness 5mm