Boulder opal multi fire red blue green mauve sterling silver pendant necklace with rubber cord

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Boulder Opal Pendant Necklace

Australian Boulder opal multi colored sterling silver pendant necklace.

Multicolored fire including red, green, blue and purple.  The rarest opal colors are red while the most plentiful is purple. Watch the colors move and change as the opal is photographed from different angles. You will also see that the opal colors are on both sides of the pendant so you can wear it either side. 

Approximate dimensions are:

* Pendant Length - 55mm
* Opal length - 40mm
* Opal width 15mm
* Max thickness 5mm

This multi colored boulder opal pendant comes with a complimentary 60cm rubber cord (with metal findings) which you can dress up or down with your own chains or cords.

Like all opal protect from sudden knocks or drops on hard surfaces.

A beautiful gift for someone special or why not just spoil yourself.