Boulder opal green purple in matrix sterling silver bail swing pendant necklace

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Boulder opal pendant necklace

Australian Boulder opal electric green purple with touches of red and blue flecks of color as the opal pendant is moved around. The opal color is located through the boulder and displays different color plays on each side.

Boulder opal originates from outback Queensland and is often associated with ironstone boulders where the opal is interspersed through the matrix material. Hence the name Boulder Opal.

This Boulder Opal has been cut into a freeform shape which is around 4.5mm to nearly 6mm thick. A sterling silver swing bail has been added and the opal comes with a complimentary rubber cord 62cm long (with non sterling silver attachments).

You can dress this Boulder Opal pendant up or down with your favorite silver chains or cords.

A very beautiful electric array of colors will not disappoint. A unique Australian made Australian Boulder opal pendant necklace.

Guneuine Australian Boulder Opal hand cut in our creative studio.