Boulder Opal Green Blue Ironstone Sterling Silver Pendant and PVC cord. FREE SHIPPING & Tracing. Freeform Boulder Opal

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Boulder Opal pendant

A Freeform Boulder Opal cut to chase the green and blue/purple flecks of opal in the brown ironstone matrix. The opal runs through the stone and is exposed on the back. 

The front of the opal is undulating exposing the opal. Boulder opal comes from outback Queensland in Australia. This freeform boulder opal has been set in a sterling silver open frame basket pendant to show off the colour. 

The opal sparkles as the stone is moved around and sparkle it does. The opal colours are most intense under sunlight or halogen lighting and softer under florescent lighting. Photographs have been taken under halogen lighting and compared to a US 1 cent coin for comparison purposes. 


The pendant comes with a PVC 45cm cord. Approximate overall dimensions are: * Weight of opal 38.13t * Weight of Opal and Pendant 53.52 cts or 10.7 gms * PVC cord 45 cm

A beautiful handcrafted opal pendant made in our creative studio.