Blue Green Australian Dark Opal freeform cabochon gemstone 1.13ct. FREE Shipping & Tracking

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Blue green dark opal

This blue green opal has been cut from a piece of Lightning Ridge dark opal rough. The colours are rich green and subdued blues. Very good colour direction from all angles. This Australian opal has been cut into a freeform shape to maximise the colour and size of the gemstone.

Lightning Ridge NSW Australia is home to the famous black opal and this opal has a nice band of dark black opal under the colour bar on top and a darker grey potch underneath. It is this darker black opal band that intensifies the green blue opal colours on top. "Potch" is opal without colour and is usually found in shades of black, grey and white with white the most common and black less common.


Maximum overall measurements are: weight 0.23gms or 1.13cts; length 8.66mm; width 7.3mm; height 2.7mm. The opal has been photographed with a US 1 cent coin for comparison purposes showing the reverse side of the stone.

This Australian opal gemstone will make a beautiful feature stone in a ring or pendant either solo or with other accent stones. Should you require any information concerning this opal or opals in general please converse with me. I have been cutting opal for over 15 years and obtain my opal direct from Australian miners.