BLACK OPAL Red Green Gold abstract "Swallow" art stone One of a Kind 1carat

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Black Opal swallow carving

This is a superb black opal specimen from Lightning Ridge Australia. The home of the famous black opal. This opal is predominately green with a band of red and gold that fades in and out as the stone is moved.

It has been skillfully shaped into an abstract "Swallow" or perhaps you can see an arrowhead.


The opal weighs just over 1 carat or 0.22gms. It maximum dimensions are 12.2mm x 7.5mm x 2.2mm.

To see the play of colour review the photographs taken from various angles to appreciate this truly one of a kind Black Opal specimen. The opal has been photographed on a US one cent coin for perspective. Coin not included in sale. Condition as per photographs. Colour may vary slightly between computer monitors.