BLACK OPAL Green Blue CrystalAustralian Opal in a 6mm x 4mm Sterling Silver Pendant & Chain

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Green blue Australian opal pendant

A very nice green blue crystal black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia. Lightning Ridge is home to the famous black opal. Nice green blue colour variations as the opal is moved around.

A beautiful gift for someone special.

Crystal opal is a term used describe opal that you can see through when held to the light. It is not a crystal in the normal sense or use of the word. 

This blue green opal has been set into a Sterling Silver 6mm x 4mm basket pendant and comes with a 45cm sterling silver chain.

Overall maximum measurements are: Opal weight 0.34cts; opal length 5.6mm; opal width 4.7mm; opal height 2.25mm.

C #105