Australian Red Dark Opal on grey opal potch. Freeform shape 1.58cts. Lightning Ridge opal.

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Red Australian Opal

A very vivid bright red Australian opal on mid grey opal potch. Opal potch (black, grey or white) is colourless opal which either has an opal colour bar on top of it, through it or patches of opal colour through it. 

This is a very vivid red opal. Red is seen from each side. On a couple of angles the red fades and green, mauve and combination colours comes through. Very striking. 


The overall maximum approximate dimensions are:

weight 1.58cts; 

length 10.15mm; 

width 7.75mm; 

thickness 3.0mm. 

The opal has been photographed with a US 1 cent coin for size comparison purposes only. It is the same size as an Australian 5 cent coin. 

This red dark opal would make a nice feature stone in a ring or a small pendant. It will certainly grab attention wherever it goes. If you are looking for beautiful and quality Australian opal from an experienced cutter please browse my shop or contact me.