Australian Purple Blue Dark Opal large freeform carving 11.79ct from Lightning Ridge

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Purple blue opal carving

Large blue purple opal carving from Lightning Ridge Australia and carved in our Creative Studio. In among this piece of  opal rough I carved out this interesting freeform shape capturing the translucent blue and purple colours along a ridge of dark grey potch

The colours are suspended within clear opal potch. If you hold the opal carving to the light you can see straight through it.


Overall maximum approximate dimensions are; 

weight 11.79ct

28mm long; 

17.5mm wide and 

6.5mm thick.

For comparison purposes I have photographed this opal carving against a US one cent coin which is the same size as an Australian 5 cent coin. 

This is quite a large opal and can be left as an opal carving specimen or set into a feature pendant. It takes a long time carving opal which I find fascinating and nerve racking at the same time. One slip and many hours or days of work can be lost in a split second. The opal surface has a series of curves cut and shaped with colour on both sides.

Thanks for calling by. This is unique and one of a kind.