Australian Opal Red Green freeform large 6.45ct Lightning Ridge light grey body tone. FREE Shipping and Tracking

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Red green opal

This is a very beautiful Red Green Australian Opal from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia. It sparkles like the lights on a Christmas tree. Watch the video to see the opal sparkle.

The background body tone of the opal is light grey. The colour runs through the stone with a touch of sand left on the back and I have included one photograph of the back of the stone to show this.

 It is also photographed against a US 1 cent coin for size comparison purposes. The opal has been cut into a freeform shape to maximise the colour and size of the stone. It will make either a very fine showy feature stone in a ring or pendant. If set in a pendant it will be magnificent as is or perhaps with a little imagination an outside ring of small diamonds will magnify the bling factor. 


Overall maximum approximate dimensions are: 

weight 6.45cts; 

length 21.5mm; 

width 14.8mm; 

thickness 3.6mm.

If you are looking for beautiful quality opal please feel free to browse my shop or contact me if you are after a particular Australian Opal. I have been cutting opal in Australia for well over 15 years and each opal is unique. It is often said that no two opal are the same, so if you see one you love, just need to have it then unless you buy it you may never see the exact same thing again. Of course you can fall in love all over again with another beautiful Australian opal.