Australian green red opal dark crystal 1.37cts freeform gemstone

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Crystal opal

Australian green red opal dark crystal 1.36cts freeform gemstone.

From the famous opal fields of Lightning Ridge NSW Australia this is a very rick dark crystal opal. The primary color is vibrant green followed by red, yellow and a touch of mauve.

Good color from most angles as shown in the photographs. I have used an Australian 5 cent coin for comparison purposes only which is the same size as a US 1 cent coin.


Approximate maximum dimensions are weight 1.36cts and size 9.1 x 6.7 x 3.5mm.

The cabochon is freeform shape and has a little white potch on the bottom which helps reflects the color from the bottom of the stone. Unlike a lot of African opal you still get good color on a white background and superb color on a dark background. This what makes quality crystal opal.