Andamooka Red Black matrix opal rub 2.15cts

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Red Andamooka opal matrix

Red Black Andamooka opal matrix rub. This is a beautifully colored red black opal that will make an exceptional double sided pendant or set in a ring.

The images show both sides of the stone, thickness and size compared to a US one cent coin similar in size to an Australian five cent coin. Condition is shown as per the photographs including any imperfections.

Mined at Andamooka South Australia the matrix opal is cooked in sulphuric acid and sugar.

The opal color runs through the matrix material and is seen as red and mauve on the reverse side.


Approximate dimensions are:

Weight: 2.15cts
Widest distance 14mm on diagonal
Thickness around 2mm down to 1.25mm

Approximate 7 x 7mm square opal could be cut or a larger freeform shape maximising the colour.

This rub is suitable for a more experienced cutter. The color shown is pretty true to form for this opal. Alternatively it can simply be left as is and added to your gemstone collection.

The opal must be in its original condition if it is to be returned. Refunds are not possible on rough and rubs one you start the cutting, grinding and polishing process.