Amethyst AAA grade 8mm sterling silver stud earrings with BONUS 3mm Amethyst studs

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Large Amethyst stud earrings 

Amethyst 8mm grade AAA gemstones set in 8mm sterling silver studs with butterfly clasps. In addition you will receive a BONUS free pair of 3mm Amethyst sterling silver studs

The Amethyst gemstones are natural and have been heat treated. The gemstones have been cut in Thailand, are 8mm in size and are eye clean. 

For comparison purposes I have used an Australian 5 cent coin which is similar in size to a US 1 cent coin. The color is a rich deep purple not light purple. 

These Amethyst show superior cut, color saturation and active scintillation classifying them as top quality AAA from our gemstone dealer. Amethyst are the birthstone for February. A beautiful pair of Amethyst gemstone sterling silver stud earrings for yourself or loved one.